Terms & Conditions

The online store gosolar.gr is owned by the company Balafoutis Solar Systems . Our company assumes that you have read and agreed to the terms of use before attempting to create an account, purchase products or gift certificates and as well as to navigate in our website. We inform you that we have the right to make changes at the terms of use without us being obliged to notify you for any of these changes. If for some reason you disagree with the terms of use in our website please contact us by phone (+30 ) 210 3243010 or by e-mail at [email protected].

A. Description of our business operations

The online store gosolar.gr provides retail and wholesale products solar / wind energy equipment and solar systems. The gosolar.gr is free to choose the products that it will advertise on its pages, with the consent of its associates and it can remove these posts from its product lists without notifying its customers / visitors / members.

B. Copyright – Copy the content of the website

The company Balafoutis Solar Systems does not allow non- owners to copy / intercept texts, product photographs, logo, banners and any other part of the website content owned by gosolar.gr, as well as in corporate accounts in gosolar’s social media profiles. By saying non-beneficiaries designated we mean individuals or companies that do not have working relationship and are not authorized by us to use the information posted in gosolar.gr or gosolar’s social media profiles.

C. Order receiving and product delivery

The gosolar.gr cooperates with a large number of suppliers within and outside Greece. It retains the majority of its goods in its warehouse while a very small percentage of the solar products are ordered after the customer’s request. Our company is not responsible for the lack of products for which we have not updated our website page.

D. Payment methods

Our company operates in the following modes of payment (under ” Payment ” ) :

1. COD ( cash upon delivery of products )

2. Deposit in bank accounts of the company:

    5023 061 929 051
    IBAN: GR33 0172 0230 0050 2306 1929 051
    0026 0062 17020 1150082
    IBAN: GR510 2600 620000170201150082
    662 002 588 70
    ΙΒΑΝ GR24011 06620 0000 66200 258870
    163 002 330 000 396
    IBAN GR38 0140 1630 1630 0233 0000 396

3. Payment by paypal.

4. Payment by card. Secure transaction management through Alpha Bank. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club and American Express.

E. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are charged to the customer. You have the right to choose the shipping method beyond those proposed by our company (under ” Methods & Shipping Costs ” ) , unless circumstances do not favor the use of your shipping option .

F. Order Cancellation

The customer is entitled to cancel at any time and for any reason the order but before our company has sent the goods.

G. Returns

If the product is defective when it is received by the customer, the company will proceed with receiving the product, checking the fault / imperfection and if necessary will repair or replace it. Our company absorbs the shipping expenses for returning the defective product to us. If the product proves to be defective, there is no refund. The customer can replace the product with the same product or others that have the same value with that of the product he initially purchased.

H. Data security and trade

Balafoutis Solar Systems uses SSL protocol to ensure the safe navigation of visitors / customers / members on our website and transactions .

Paypal guarantees for the safety of sensitive credit card information.

I. Limitation of Liability

We constantly try to provide you with accurate and detailed information about our products and our company through our website and our social media.

Regarding typographical and spelling errors, we try to identify them in time so as to correct them. If you doubt the validity of some information please contact us by phone or by e-mail so that we correct it as soon as possible.

J. Warranty

Our products come with warranty. However, our company would not be able to honor the warranty in case one of the following occurs:

-The user of the product has not followed the instructions that are enclosed in the product package.

-The product has been damaged by incorrect use by the customer.

-The product has been damaged by incorrect installation, maintenance or mounting process.

-The product has been damaged by factors such as: fire, humidity, extreme weather conditions, floods, natural disasters.

-The installation of the product/system has been done by an unauthorized person or a person who does not have experience, knowledge or expertise.

-The product has been repaired by an unauthorized person.

K. Acceptance of terms

The visitors / members of gosolar.gr declare that they have read these terms and that they accept in their entirety. They also recognize that these terms govern all services provided by the gosolar.gr during browsing/transaction in this site.