Gosolar.gr – Balafoutis offers a wide range of services and support for your pv system:

Sizing & Installation
of off grid solar systems

We are experts on sizing and calculating solar systems that will meet your energy needs. Whether the solar system is meant for your home, your boat, your RV or for a business application, we’ve got you covered.

Technical Support

We also offer inspection and repair services for a variety of used solar products such as solar garden/flood lights, solar warning lights, charge controllers and inverters. The initial inspection of the used solar products is free of charge.


At our physical store you’ll find recycling bins for batteries. As part of our social and environmental responsibility, we recycle lithium batteries. If you have batteries that are old or used, we encourage you to bring them to our physical store where we collect them and send them for recycling. Learn more about the benefits of recycling batteries.

For more information, contact us via phone at 210 32 43 010 or at (+30) 6949 1956 32 via Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger: